Aquatherm CPD Certified

Even though plastic pipework has been on the market for over 80 years, it is still considered new by many. This Continuing Professional Development (CPD) seminar is certified by the Construction CPD Certification Service and aims to give increased knowledge and confidence in plastic pipework systems. The CPD will give you one CPD hour and covers the following subjects:

Plastic Piping Systems in the Building Services Industry.

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The History of Plastic Piping

From the drainage pipework of the 1930's to today's high pressure pipework and innovative heating systems, the use of plastic pipework is more extensive and goes back longer than you might think.

Plastic Pipes & the Environment

If you think plastic contains nasty toxins, is non-degradable and must be really bad for the environment, you might want to think again!

Find the right pipe for you!

There are a lot of different plastic pipework products on the market. Which type of pipe is suitable for your heating system? And which pipe is best for cold water mains?

Benefits of using Plastic Pipework

Why would you want to start using these 'new' products instead of the well tested copper and steel versions? Where is the use of plastic pipework beneficial and when are you better off sticking to the conventional products?

Installation methods

What methods are used for installing plastic pipework? Does it require more skill than the installation of conventional systems or is the installation quicker and easier?