Aquatherm Pre-Insulated Pipe

One of the most energy-efficient methods of transporting hot potable water as well as heating or cooling water covering long distances is the application of underground piping.

District Heat Networks in the UK are looking for more energy efficient and cost effective ways to supply heat and Aquatherm PP-R pipes are ideal replacements for steel as Aquatherm pipes won't scale up which means that increased pumping costs and energy wasteage isn't required. Our pipes can also handle maximum temps of 95°C.

These systems are insulated with closed cell PUR rigid foam and coated with a casing pipe made of HDPE. All medium pipes are plastic-fibre composite pipes.

Aquatherm green pipe ti faser composite SDR 9 pipe system for potable water in dimensions 32mm to 355mm.

Aquatherm blue pipe ti faser composite SDR 11 & 17.6 pipe system for heating, cooling and waste water applications in dimensions 32mm to 355mm.

Aquatherm blue pipe ot ti faser composite SDR 11, oxygen-tight pipe system for heating chilled and industrial applications in dimensions 32mm to 355mm.

Aquatherm Pre-Insulated Pipe

To see some of the benefits of using Aquatherm ti pipes for District Heating, please click on the following link to find out more about how Aquatherm Pre-insulted pipes can benefit your district heating project.


  • The following components are available for all insulated faser composite pipe systems:

  • Pipes (6 m and 12 m straight lengths)

  • Elbows 45 °(other angles available on request)

  • Elbows 90 ° (short and long design)

  • Branches

  • Reducing branches

  • Cross over branches

  • Accessories for field-insulating of joints

  • Special fittings on request


Aquatherm faser composite pipes are joined by socket-welding in the dimensions 32 – 125 mm, and butt-welding in the dimensions 160 – 355 mm.

The heat fusion welding process for joining the pipes and fittings creates a homogeneous, permanent, and leak-free joint. The aquatherm fusion equipment makes the joining process quick and easy, with joints ready for full pressure testing in a matter of minutes.

More detailed information and instructions on the welding process and equipment are available in our pre-insulated pipe (ti pipe) technical catalogue.

Accessories and materials are available for professional insulation of the joints at the job site.


  • Low weight

  • Higher flow section

  • High stability

  • Absolutely corrosion resistant

  • Resistant against chemicals

  • High impact rate

  • Less pipe roughness

  • Heat and sound insulating characteristics

  • Very good welding properties

  • High heat-stabilized

  • Ease of handling and installation