Aquatherm Pipe for Undersoil Heating

Stadiums, sport complexes and racing tracks are the modern arenas of our time. This is where contests are held, records made, victories celebrated, or they are used simply for leisure pursuits.

Some of these sporting events bring together more people in one place than live in some small towns: arenas with capacity for 60,000 spectators are the rule rather than the exception today. Most new sporting facilities are also multi functional and used equally for World Cup football games, athletics competitions, large concerts, festivals, musicals or opera performances.

In recent years, aquatherm has repeatedly attracted positive attention with its cooperation in the context of the largest and newest arenas of our time. For example, aquatherm has been involved in projects such as the VELTINS arena, Real Madrid's football stadium or the Central Stadium in Leipzig.

Whatever the need, whether for sanitary amenities, air-conditioning systems, cooling surfaces or, as in the case of the VELTINS arena, for a spectacular undersoil heating project, aquatherm pipe systems have proven their worth in every single project.

Weather can have a major impact on an event. To keep a pitch with natural or artificial turf or any other open area free from ice and snow, aquatherm offers a system which provides efficient under soil heating, considerate of environmental aspects. The system uses a combination of blue pipe and green pipe, with the weld-in saddle technique developed from aquatherm's orange system.

Reverse Return Technique (Tichelmann-principle)

The weld-in saddle technique, developed by aquatherm orange system provides the connection of the heating pipes to a continuous manifold pipe acc. to reverse return. This technique is applied for the double swing floor design a+b and industrial floor heating.

On applying the reverse return technique all heating circuits have the same length. The pipe lay out ensures the same pressure loss for all heating circuits, therefore a hydraulic balancing of the heating circuits is not required.


For this connection technique the manifold pipes are made from aquatherm blue pipe, composite pipes and weld-in saddles. The spacing of saddles is determined by the pipe spacing of the heating pipes. Aquatherm grey pipe transition adapters are applied for the connection of the oxygen-tight heating pipes.

They provide a optimum connection between the aquatherm blue pipe, the composite pipes and the aquatherm orange system.