Aquatherm CPD on plastic piping systems in the building services industry.


Aquatherm are now able to offer a CPD certified presentation on plastic piping systems in the building services industry.

This presentaion covers the history of plastic piping, the benefits of using plastic piping, plastic pipes and the environment, identification of the correct plastic pipe for your job and installation methods.


This presentation will also allow attendees to gain 1 CPD hour from the Construction CPD Certification Service.


For more information on this CPD visit Aquatherm CPD or contact Aquatherm.





Aquatherm, celebrating 40 years of success.


Certified according to DIN/ISO 9001 aquatherm is a world-wide successful manufacturer of plastic pipe systems for potable water applications, climate technology and for the heating sector.


Aquatherm was founded in August 1973 for the development, production and installation of hot-water underfloor heating. At the time aquatherm was one of the three first suppliers of underfloor heating on the european market.


In 1980 aquatherm developed the plastic pipe system fusiotherm (now green pipe) from polypropylene for sanitary and heating installations. Up to now, this innovation is the foundation stone for steady growth.


Each day well over 150 kilometers of pipe and 230,000 fittings are produced, stored and dispatched.


Today, aquatherm is a globally acting company, present in 80 countries of the world, undisputed market leader in many fields, and last but not least, a flexible middle-sized company, which is able to compete with big groups.




New Aquatherm UK YouTube channel

Our new Aquatherm UK YouTube channel is up and running. Over the coming weeks we'll be adding information about Aquatherm, the benefits of using Aquatherm, and some videos of the fusion techniques used to join Aquatherm pipes and fittings. See Aquatherms YouTube videos here.



Aquatherm pipe rebranding


Aquatherm have now rebranded all of their products. Click here for a full list of rebranded aquatherm products.


The desire to avoid stagnation and continuously improve our products, as well as to find new fields of application and create solutions quickly, has resulted in some of the well-known aquatherm product groups. This often led to systems being named as they emerged and has resulted in naming conventions that no longer accurately convey the suitable applications for the pipe.


An example of this is climatherm, which was developed as a pipe for air conditioning, but then qualified for many other areas because of its exceptional properties. The air conditioning sector is still important but it is only one of the main applications for climatherm. Sadly, its original name implies that it is limited to this area only.


Another issue is that many of our pipes and systems have names that do not relate to each other, and in turn do not relate those products to their parent company, aquatherm.



Aquatherm Green pipe potable water

Aquatherm Blue pipe heating and cooling, LTHW   Aquatherm Grey pipe PEX & PB   Aquatherm Lilac pipe Grey water Aquatherm Orange System Underfloor heating   Aquatherm Black System climate control    Aquatherm Red pipe Fire sprinkler system   Aquatherm pre-insulated ti pipe District heating