Aquatherm and Ecology


Environmental protection is taken very seriously by aquatherm!

Products such as the aquatherm PP-R pipe systems feature not only a long service life, but also excellent environmental and social compatibility.


From the origin of the company, aquatherm placed emphasis on the fact that its products and manufacturing processes should not pollute our sensitive eco-systems, and ensured development of fully recyclable materials which can thus be added, problem-free, to new production.


Long before environmental protection was recognised as a global issue, aquatherm fulfilled ecological standards which are demanded today.

The environmentally friendly raw material fusiolen is used for the manufacture of the aquatherm pipe systems. To ensure its environmental compatability, the basic material, polypropylene, as well as all contained additives (colour pigments and stabilizers) were extensively tested, not only by aquatherm's own laboratory, but also by independent laboratories.


Their results show that the material fusiolen and the pipe systems from which it is manufactured, comply with the highest ecological standards and are thus future orientated.


The environmentally friendly material polypropylen fusiolenĀ® PP-R is recyclable and can be ground, melted and reutilised for various applications e.g. motor-protections, wheel linings, laundry baskets and other kinds of transport boxes. There are no polluting substances with PP-R either in its processing or in its disposal.


Green Builder


Recently, Green Builder magazine gave aquatherm products the "Editors choice Hot 50 products award for 2012"



Green Builder magazine is the fastest growing publication in the residential building industry.


The magazine blends visionary editorial content with sophisticated design to generate an unforgettable publication that addresses the most important issues of our time.

Green Builder magazine enables building professionals to dramatically enhance their credibility, increase their profitability, and improve the quality, performance and value of their building projects.

Whether for potable water (Greenpipe) or greywater (Lilac) systems. Aquatherm Piping is a safe and permanent water delivery solution.



Aquatherm Piping


Color-coded piping makes water management much more practical.


Aquatherm's polypropylene piping is designed for specific tasks. Greenpipe, for example, is highly stable, made for potable water. Climatherm is engineered for chilled water, hydronic heating and industrial applications. Lilac is specifically designed for rainwater and greywater distribution. Like Greenpipe, Lilac is fused at all joints with Aquatherm Greenpipe fittings.


BREEAM - Helping you to get that excellent rating.


Aquatherm lilac pipe can be used for greywater and rainwater recycling systems for toilet flushing, irrigation, and even cleaning and laundry. Reusing water, not only saves you money on mains water, effectivley paying for the water harvesting system during it's lifecycle, but it also helps you to acheive a higher BREEAM rating.


Because all of our pipes are 100% recycleable, there is no product to go to landfill, also improving your BREEAM rating.


It is also more economical to manufacture Aquatherm than it is to manufacture metal pipes. Steel requires three times as much energy as Aquatherm to be manufactured, and copper requires almost eight times as much. Aquatherm pipes are PVC free, free from health-hazardous heavy metals and are recyclable.




Aquatherm Green pipe potable water

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