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Product overview

Green, Blue & Lilac pipes


Green, Blue, Lilac

Aquatherm Blue pipes
Heating & Cooling


Blue Pipe

Aquatherm ti pipes


ti pipe

ti pipe brochure


ti brochure

Aquatherm Black System
Climate control


Black system

Aquatherm Black system
innovations brochure


Black Brochure

Aquatherm Grey pipe


Grey pipe

Aquatherm Orange system
Underfloor heating


Orange system

Aquatherm Orange system
Sports floor heating


Sports floor heating

Aquatherm Red pipe
Fire sprinkler systems


Red pipe








Aquatherm SDR9





Aquatherm Technical Bulletins

Technews 2014 No. 132014 no.15


Coming soon.

Technews 2014 No. 122014 no.12


New elbows for butt welding.

Technews 2014 No. 112014 no.11


List of manufacturers and suppliers of welding machines

Technews 2014 No. 102014 no.10


Drinking water regulations/Lead/Legionella, Sprinkler systems & New catalogue

Technews 2014 No. 92014 no.9


Aquatherm expansion & amendments to Technews No.'s 7 and 8 2014

Technews 2014 No. 82014 no.8


New clamping jaw, insulated PEX pipe & new catalogues.

Technews 2014 No. 72014 no.7


Oxygen permiability of OT pipe, & Peeling tools.

Technews 2014 No. 62014 no.6


Use of Green pipe, and new pressure test record.

Technews 2014 No. 52014 no.5


New Grey pipe products & new catalogues

Technews 2014 No. 42014 no.4


Extension of Red pipe range, & NEW 160mm butt weld Tee's.

Technews 2014 No. 22014 no.2


Sprinkler systems, Coupling screw joint, & NEW 160mm Butt welding elbow.

Technews 2014 No. 12014 no.1


Pressure operating tables

Technews 2013 No. 232013 no.23


Green pipe SDR9 certification and working Pressures

Technews 2013 No. 222013 No.22


Black system Classification of Fire behaviour and updated fixing rail

Technews 2013 No. 212013 No.21


Blue pipe ring stiffness

Technews 2013 No. 202013 No.20


Aquatherm Orange system receives BVF seal for surface heating


Technews 2013 No. 182013 No.18


New expansion set for Aquatherm Orange system

Technews 2013 No. 162013 No.16


New Mechanical Aquatherm peeling tool

Technews 2013 No. 152013 No.15


New Underfloor heating manifold

Technews 2013 No. 142013 No.14


Fixed point pipe clamps, PEX bending tool, New 17.6 blue pipe.

Technews 2013 No. 132013 No.13


Improved Electric welding jig

Technews 2013 No. 122013 No.12


Red Pipe, Pipe friction loss tables & XXL pipes.

Technews 2013 No. 112013 No.11


Grey pipe changes & Lead in drinking water.

Technews 2013 No. 102013 No.10


World market leaders.

Technews 2013 No. 92013 No.9


New strategy & SDR9 green pipe

Technews 2013 No. 72013 No.7


Sky office Zargreb.

Technews 2013 No. 62013 No.6


Ball Valves

Technews 2013 No. 52013 No.5


Hanse hotel - A hotel without radiators.

Technews 2013 No. 42013 No.4


Project report & comparison of PPR and Steel.

Technews 2013 No. 12013 No.1


New welding machine, Chlorine dioxide & disinfection of drinking water.



Aquatherm Green pipe potable water

Aquatherm Blue pipe heating and cooling, LTHW   Aquatherm Grey pipe PEX & PB   Aquatherm Lilac pipe Grey water Aquatherm Orange System Underfloor heating   Aquatherm Black System climate control    Aquatherm Red pipe Fire sprinkler system   Aquatherm pre-insulated ti pipe District heating