Aquatherm's Polypropylene pressure piping system improves server reliability

Aquatherm's Polypropylene pressure piping system for a cooling tower improves server reliability for the Data Center at Utah State University.

Aquatherm used their famous Blue Pipe for the project.

The Challenge:

Officials at the Utah State University sought a leak-free, insulated pipe option that would allow the data center to remain operational during repairs.

The Solution:

Aquatherm's PP-R Pipe met all of the USU staff's needs, with no leaks, easy expandability and many other benefits.

  • The advantages of using Aquatherm:

  • No welding fumes in the data center

  • No condensation on the chilled water lines thanks to PP-R's natural insulation value

  • Saved significant floor space

Jon Burrows, Colvin Engineering said:

USU wanted welded pipe, but without the welding fumes. The Aquatherm system seemed like a good way to give them that.

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