When seeing red is a good thing

Aquatherm chosen for their freeze and burst resistant fire sprinkler system.

Aquatherm used their famous Red Pipe for this project.

The Challenge:

The McElroy design team was looking for a sprinkler piping system that would be freeze and burst resistant.

The Solution:

Aquatherm red pipe met that challenge while also allowing the McElroy team an opportunity to use their new fusion machine on this cutting-edge product.

Adam Bolin, Foreman, APS Fire, Tulsa said:

It's pretty easy … I like it, It's clean. It's really light and easy to work with. The machines are easy and straight forward.
  • The advantages of using Aquatherm:

  • Aquatherm red pipe is semi-flexible which provided an advantage since the retrofit job required installation in the existing ceiling grid

  • The installation team liked that they didn't have to use glue and sealants to join the pipe

  • Aquatherm red pipe is connected by heat-fusion, rather than tradiotional connections which caused fewer workplace distruptions than other piping systems might have

When seeing red is a good thing

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