Aquatherm ti pipe Aquatherm preinsulated pipes

For district heating and cooling


One of the most energy-efficient methods of transporting hot potable water as well as heating or cooling water covering long distances is the application of underground piping.


To achieve the necessary insulating characteristics for this type of application, aquatherm offers the factory- made pre-insulated aquatherm ti pipe system with different medium pipes.


These systems are insulated with closed cell PUR rigid foam and coated with a casing pipe made of HDPE.

All medium pipes are plastic-fibre composite pipes.

  • aquatherm green pipe ti faser composite pipe system SDR 7.4 pipe system for potable water in dimensions DN25 – DN200
  • aquatherm blue pipe ti faser composite pipe system SDR 11/17,6 pipe system for heating, cooling and waste water in dimensions DN25 – DN300
  • aquatherm blue pipe ot ti faser composite pipe system SDR 11/17.6 oxygen-tight pipe system for heating and industrial in dimensions DN25 – DN100



    The following components are available for all insulated fasercomposite pipe systems:

    pipes (6 m and 12 m straight lengths)
    elbows 45 °
    elbows 90 ° (short and long design)
    reducing branches
    cross over branches
    accessories for field-insulating of joints
    special fittings on request



    aquatherm faser composite pipes are joined by socket-welding in the dimensions 32 – 125 mm, and butt-welding in the dimensions 160 – 315 mm.  

    The heat fusion welding process for joining the pipes and fittings creates a homogeneous, permanent, and leak-free joint. The aquatherm fusion equipment makes the joining process quick and easy, with joints ready for full pressure testing in a matter of minutes. 

    More detailed information and instructions on the welding process and equipment are available in our technical catalog E10101. 

    Accessories and materials are available for professional insulation of the joints at the job site. 



    low weight
    higher flow section
    high stability
    absolutely corrosion resistant
    resistant against chemicals
    high impact rate
    less pipe roughness
    heat and sound insulating characteristics
    very good welding properties
    high heat-stabilized
    ease of handling and installation


    More detailed information about aquatherm pre-insulated ti pipe can be found here.

    Aquatherm Green pipe potable water

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