aquatherm orange system Aquatherm orange system

About aquatherm orange system


aquatherm the surface heating system that started it all is now aquatherm orange system


Developed 40 years ago as one of the first surface heating systems, it formed the basis for the company aquatherm. The most traditional system in our line­up changes not only the name but also the colour. In the future, the PE-RT pipes will be produced in this orange colour.


aquatherm has reached a very successful market position in the field of underfloor heating just after its foundation.

Constant development on the technical know-how and the great experience gained in the field of underfloor heating installations in different projects over years, have led to the fact, that aquatherm is always one step ahead, also in special applications.


When combining aquatherm orange pipe surface heating systems with aquatherm green pipe, aquatherm blue pipe or aquatherm grey pipe, complete solutions are available for:


More than three decades experience in the production and application of underfloor heating systems as well as the continuous development to achieve energy saving and efficient technology, make aquatherm one of the most experienced and globally successful manufacturers of underfloor heating.


This experience and the achieved reliability have resulted in many continuous long lasting cooperations with underfloor heating installers (e. g. DAVINCI-HAUS).

In the year 2004 aquatherm supplied the 1000st DAVINCI HAUS with innovative domestic and underfloor heating technology.

The performance of an underfloor heating system is mainly determined by the quality of the installed heating pipe.


The aquatherm orange system underfloor heating pipe made of PE-RT is characterised by the following:




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