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About aquatherm grey pipe


Originally called aquatherm SHT, the sliding sleeve technology changes its name to aquatherm grey pipe.


The multitalent

The aquatherm grey pipe system is suitable for systems in the field of potable water, heating and underfloor heating connection.

The material PB (polybutene) - due to its high heat stability and the excellent hygienic qualities - is suitable for the application in the field of potable water.


The aquatherm grey pipe is connected by sliding sleeve technique. This type of connection technique is easy and neat in appearance.


The aquatherm grey pipe system offers two types of connection pipes:

The aquatherm grey pipe system can be combined easily with the aqua­therm green pipe system.


The aquatherm grey pipe-system is applicable in the field of:

The aquatherm grey pipe-PB pipe is particularly bendable, thus easy and flexible to install.

The crucial advantage of the aquatherm grey pipe-system is that it can be processed completely in the house installation.

This does not only save the plumber´s time and money, but also works with a system, which considers optimally the modern requirements of an environmentally conscious, ecologically thinking final consumer.


Connection technique

Sliding sleeve

The sliding sleeve technology is an interlocking connection.

The permanent tight connection results from pressing the aquatherm grey pipe-sliding sleeve onto the aquatherm grey pipe with the aquatherm grey pipe-fitting.

The sliding sleeve connection technology must be utilized with the original aquatherm grey pipes, fittings and tools only.


Sliding sleeve technique

Especially for flexible floor connection the sliding sleeve technique grants important advantages.

Whether in the field of radiator connection or potable water on-wall installation, with the sliding sleeve technique you create permanent connections between low dimensioned connection pipes, nickel-plated brass fittings and plastic fittings without great expenses of tools and assembly.



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